Life Size POSEABLE MANNEQUIN DISPLAY DUMMY DOLL Male Body with lifelike Hands. Cheap Halloween Prop Building Soft Stuffed Costume Clothing Store Display Decoration. Need an extra body in your haunted house? Or a man in the car on a dark creepy night?
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Cheap Halloween Prop Building Haunted House Decoration LIFE SIZE POSEABLE DUMMY MANNEQUIN DOLL New Undressed Posable Soft Stuffed Adult Man Dead Body Cosplay Costume Clothing Apparel Store Display Accessory with REALISTIC HUMAN HANDS - Six Feet Tall

6-ft Life-Size Stuffed Body Fake Man POSABLE MANNEQUIN DISPLAY DUMMY Halloween Costume Prop (NOT free-standing)

Need an extra body in your haunted house? A male companion in the car on a dark creepy night?

6-foot tall Halloween Haunted House Full-Size Adult Male Display Mannequin, with Soft Pliable Cloth Body and realistic lifelike flesh-tone rubbery plastic Hands. Soft Halloween Costume Prop Accessory with pliable cloth body, stuffed head and polyurethane hands. Comes completely stuffed!

Dress him up for Christmas and holiday parties with a Santa or Elf suit, or dress him up as your favorite Grandpa Bob sitting in his favorite easy chair!!!

Flexible- You can dress and pose any ghoulish way you like!

*Dummy is lightly stuffed to save on high shipping costs. Opening in back allows you to add more stuffing, or recycle using old plastic grocery bags, which are free-of-charge, readily available, light in weight, and pack into all the nooks and crannies for a firmer dummy!!!

Opening in back allows you to adjust stuffing or add your own wire support, such as a coat hanger, not included.

**Must be supported to maintain a pose, either by leaning on furniture or another prop, table etc, or by adding wire or other supports to maintain a chosen pose.!!!

Full life size - 6-feet (72-inches) Tall.

- Life-Size Body Halloween Shop Display Party Store MANNEQUIN PROP DUMMY MAN -

Need an extra body in your haunted house?
Or the look of a man keeping company beside you in the car on a dark creepy night?

Create your own inexpensive spooky props for Halloween, or any character display for every holiday or season of the year, with this squooshy soft MANNEQUIN. Makes a terrific low cost retail boutique model or portable craft show exhibit!

Faux soft-stuffed person is flexible enough to be displayed in most positions. (NOT free-standing)

***If you want it to stand, you would need to attach it to something, or insert wires, or pvc tubes, dowels or pipes.

***We have used clear 30-60 lb test fishing line to hang or support them. We have also used old non-working standing torch lamp bases with poles as supports for props, which we have gotten from garage sales & thrift shops. They already have weighted bases, and can attach another support pole to it with duct tape if not tall enough. (Of course, if they are working lamps, you should not turn them on to prevent fire hazard)

Add a mask or paint on a face. Dress up with hat, wig, gloves, shoes, costumes, old clothing... Prop body in corner, chair, coffin, hang from wall, ceiling or doorway with fishing line for an extra spooky touch


*See our MANNEQUIN HEAD FORM FACE COVER - MALE or FEMALE - Headform face covers that fit either of our styro-foam mannequin wig heads. They're already made up with a man or woman's dummy face for an easier way towards a more realistic look.

They cover the front of the head and velcro around the neck. Just add a wig, hat or hood to complete the look!

Made in life like vaccu-formed molded plastic, they fit over our standard styro head form wig stand display. Will fit the male and female standard form.

***Can also be used with our HH-MR-VA236 life sized dummy for a greater sense of realism.***


Tip: After your event simply roll up and box while still dressed, and store for easy set-up each year.

Weighs under 5 lbs.

***Add more stuffing for extra firmness. (Extra stuffing NOT included)
We've used anything from packing peanuts, newspapers, or old plastic grocery bags!


Question: Is this Dummy weatherproof?

The dummies are cloth fabric, stuffed with polyester stuffing like a stuffed animal. If using outdoors, we recommend an enclosed or covered area, as they will get quite wet and soggy if left unprotected. Although they can be used outside, mildew and wet conditions will limit their useful life. If they do get wet, be sure to allow them to dry out thoroughly before storage.


Question: Can this Dummy support real chain mail armor?

Answer: I would imagine you would have to attach it to a pole with inserted heavy-duty wire or insert pvc pipe or hardwood dowels for stiffness & stability. This is a soft stuffed figure, like a stuffed animal. I have used the stand & pole from old standing torchiere-style lamps I got from garage sales and thrift shops, as they already have tall poles attached to a weighted base. But because it's soft-stuffed, you'd either have to add alot more stuffing to make it super-firm, or insert some type of supports in the body, legs and arms to withstand the extreme weight you are talking about.

***YES- This item ships Worldwide!!!***

***Note for P.O. BOX Delivery:***

*If you require *P.O. Box delivery of this item, you must ***check the SHIPPING SURCHARGE box*** to cover extra costs associated with shipping to your requested location.

*If you require delivery to a P.O. Box, you must pay for surcharges as listed, or your order may be delayed until surcharge fees are received.

Cheap Halloween Prop Male LIFE SIZE POSEABLE DUMMY with REALISTIC HANDS 6-ft Stuffed Body Fake Man POSABLE MANNEQUIN DISPLAY Halloween Costume Prop Haunted House Full-Size Adult

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Cheap Halloween Prop LIFE SIZE POSEABLE DUMMY Costume Mannequin

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