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Shop Horror-Hall to buy cheap sale discount Halloween props, Halloween masks, Halloween decorations, Halloween animatronics, cosplay Halloween costumes accessories, haunted house props, gothic Halloween decor, animated props, prop building supplies, horror movie film props, zombie props, horror party supplies. Quick worldwide shipping! Low prices,best customer service!

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Hello and Welcome to HORROR-HALL!

Our mission is simple: to provide the best gothic Halloween props, accessories and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure, private environment in which to browse and shop our costume party decorations and displays product catalog.

In business since 1998, our goal is to offer surprisingly cheap Halloween props, funky cosplay accessories, unique gothic decor, cool novelty costume party accessory kitsch, and macabre custom prop decorations, at more-than-competitive, downright affordable, discount sale prices... WHEW!!!

HORROR-HALL is an online web-only retail discount gothic Halloween prop and costume accessories store. Our home-base of customer service and sales is in South Elgin, located about 50 miles west of Chicago, IL. We also ship many of our larger life-size props and animated props from our other warehouses located in various parts of the USA.

Finding good quality macabre Halloween props and costume party decorations and accessories at the most affordable prices can be quite a challenge. We constantly search for the most unusual, reasonably priced, Halloween costume parts and prop building supplies we can find!

Our HORROR-HALL Halloween props division sprung from TEAM-ZEBRA valued customer inquiries, requesting that we add a line of reasonably priced, ghoulish prop decor and costume accessories, which vary from steampunk and industrial goth, to vampire-crazed creations and gothic selections. Since our taste already leans toward the outrageous and bizarre, it seemed the perfect fit. And so began the creative sparks of HORROR-HALL, where True Horror is just down the Hall!

Watch for unique trendy and classic fresh items added daily:
     *Gothic and steampunk earrings
     *New age alchemy and Wiccan supplies
     *Twilight and Vampire Diaries inspired decor
     *True goth themed blood vial jewelry
     *Supernatural hunter couture
     *Magikal vervain talismans
     *Halloween costume party accessories
     *Spooky haunted house decorations and creepy dungeon props
     *Steampunk Gothic Apparel and Clothing Accessories
for a super-scary frightening good time!

We ship most items worldwide!

Customer service is very important to you, and we strongly agree. Do not hesitate to contact us.


Black Out Period:
Midnight October 15th - Midnight October 31st (CST)
ALL SALES ARE FINAL when purchasing during this period - *no returns or exchanges.
*Exception: Wrong item received or D.O.A's


*Please Note: We do not currently accept or solicit telephone inquiries or phone orders under $1,000 at this time. This is how we are able to offer such a large variety of items at extremely affordable prices. This no-call policy allows our small family-owned staff the freedom to work as uninterrupted as possible, so that we can complete your orders quickly and efficiently.

*We do understand that there are times when you must contact us with questions, concerns, product information or ordering issues via email: sales@HORROR-HALL.com. We do check our email often throughout the work day, most times even on the weekends!

Our entire staff is here to serve our valued customers, such as you!


Please send email inquiries to: sales@HORROR-HALL.com. ***Do NOT include credit card information in any emails.*** For your safety and security, this information should only be included using our secure online checkout.

If it is concerning an urgent matter, please also include your phone number. We will respond as quickly as possible.

Please come back and see us again. We're always adding new and exciting items!

Thank you for visiting!
Keith, Rosemary, Cindy, Scott, Holly, Niki, Linda and Chris
HORROR-HALL's Customer Service Team


Black Out Period:
Midnight October 15th - Midnight October 31st (CST)
ALL SALES ARE FINAL when purchasing during this period - *no returns or exchanges.
*Exception: Wrong item received or D.O.A's