Life Size ANIMATED ZOMBIE PESTILENCE Animatronic Halloween Props

6ft Life Size Demon Witch ANIMATED ZOMBIE PESTILENCE the SMOLDERING REAPER Talking Haunted House Animatronic Light-up Sound Cheap Halloween Prop. A plague is upon us! The creepiest animatronic prop, at a terrifically low price! The true face of evil!
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Creepy Life Size Talking Animated Standing Deluxe Gothic-PESTILENCE the SMOLDERING REAPER ZOMBIE EVIL DEMON-Spooky Light Sound Scary Halloween Animatronic-Speaking Witch Haunted House Apocalypse Greeter Horror Prop Decoration

6 foot Life Size Standing Demon Zombie ANIMATED PESTILENCE the SMOLDERING GRIM REAPER Cheap Talking Animatronic Halloween Prop

6-feet (180cm) tall Demon - ANIMATED ZOMBIE PESTILENCE - Deluxe Talking Haunted House Halloween Prop

Gothic Light-up Sound Motion-Activated Cheap Deluxe Halloween Decoration

A plague is upon us!

*Note: Smoldering effects displayed with your own fog machine, NOT included. *Sold separately.

This is truly the creepiest animatronic prop, and at a terrifically low price!!!

The face of evil!

6 feet tall, Pestilence the Smoldering Reaper features a tattered full black robe with gray torn fabric accents, a belt with 3 hanging plastic bones, hand-painted roto-PVC head, hand-painted roto-PVC hands and ribcage, and holds a 54-inch long plastic cane.

Plug in the UL adapter plug into any standard outlet for the head to turn side-to-side and to power the sensor.

The sensor is light/shadow/motion sensitive and will operate the pulsing green LEDs within the skull and chest, and Pestilence will say one of three sayings with each activation of the sensor.

*Set your fog machine (*NOT included) on the floor within his cloak and watch the fog flow eerily out from within the holes in his chest, arms and head.

Assembly required.

Sayings are:

-You shall know me for billowing cloud of plague in my wake, for I am pestilence incarnate; approach and seal you doom!

-Smell the stench of death wrapping around you.

-I will pull you tightly into my embrace.

-With just one touch your health and vitality will be sucked from you forever. Please come closer!

AMAZING - See YouTube Demo

Creepy Animated PESTILENCE SMOLDERING REAPERZombie Demon Witch Halloween Haunted House Horror Prop Decoration DEMO

Creepy Animated PESTILENCE SMOLDERING REAPERZombie Demon Witch Halloween Haunted House Horror Prop Decoration DEMO

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