LifeSize Standing ZOMBIE MAN EATER Haunted House Prop Decoration

Creepy Life Size Standing Bloody Demon Ghoul ZOMBIE MAN EATER Undead Monster She-Devil Haunted House Prop Halloween Costume Party Decoration-6 Feet Tall. Even the walking dead will run for cover! Scary haunting gluttonous gnawing on a skinned arm.
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  • Item #: HH-FM-68006
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Creepy Life Size Bloody Demon Ghoul STANDING ZOMBIE MAN EATER Undead Monster She-Devil Haunted House Prop Apocalypse Walking Dead Halloween Costume Party Decoration-Six Feet Tall

6-Ft Life Size Standing Ghoul Bloody MAN EATER Creepy She-Devil Undead frightening female Zombie will make even the walking dead run for cover! Bloody scary rotting appearance gives a haunting look, as she seems to be gluttonously gnawing on a skinned arm. She is literally a Man Eater, that’s for sure!

6 foot (180cm) tall, standing decaying blood spattered zombie woman she-monster prop that eats human flesh. Her disgusting face is twisted in ravenous rage, and features long unkempt ratty hair. Best of all, her poseable arms hold a severed hand, as she gnaws upon it for a most recent meal.

You’ve gotta ‘’hand’’ it to whoever came up with this frightful creature - it is truly horrifying. The six foot tall She-Demon Man Eating standing prop is covered with blood and busy tearing apart a severed hand which appears to have been bitten off an unsuspecting human victim… Nasty!

*Warning: This creature may be a bit too graphic for younger guests!

The Man Eater head is realistically hand painted sculpted polystyrene. A black metal pole inserted on the sturdy wire frame base keeps her standing steady, and her freaky figure's fabric clothes are covered in blood. Posable foam covered wire arms and molded plastic hands. (This prop has no legs…)

Item Dimensions: 60-inch (150cm) tall x 24-inch (60cm) wide x 16-inch (40cm) deep metal frame base.

Manufacturer: Forum Novelties
Mpn: HH-FM-68006
Upc: 721773680069

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