Zombie Gag Gift-GROWING BRAIN-Body Part-Dexter Lab Horror Prop

That's Gross! GROWING BRAIN Amazing MAGIC GROW BODY PART-Dexter Walking Dead Zombie Costume Prop Building Accessory Creepy Halloween Prop Gag Gift-Human organ from Daryl’s latest hunt. Put in a jar for a gruesome haunted house horror decoration!
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Walking Dead Zombie Serial Killer Trophy Dexter-MAGIC GROW GROWING BLOODY SEVERED BRAIN-Horror Butcher Chop Shop Meat Market Body Parts Human Organs-Mad Doctor Scientist Laboratory Halloween Party Favor Haunted House Prop Building Decoration Anatomy Gag Gift

That's Gross!

The Walking Dead Zombie Walkers Walk Costume and Prop Building Accessory


Lot of 1 piece Body Part Cut-off part from your latest Zombie hunt! (Daryl would be proud...)

Put in a jar and let it grow! WoW! Now this will get some funny laughs or what! Have a stupid friend ? Well give them a brain that actually works... Makes a "smart" gift :) Finally you never have to lose your mind again!

Measures a 1-1/2 inches and can grow in water up to 600% larger!

Just add water and watch it grow! Once you’re done, leave it out and it will shrink back to the original size, so you can use this over and over again!

Get a bunch as these make great gifts to hand out, table scatters and mad scientist laboratory props. This is a fun product that allows anyone to ''grow'' a brain.
When you remove the brain from the package, it measures about 1.5-inch square.

To ''grow'' the brain it is placed in room temperature water and allowed to expand. Over the course of about 48-96 hours the brain takes the approximate shape and size of a brain. The hydrated brain can then be left in a jar, or allowed to dry again. When it is allowed dry, the brain shrinks to its original compressed size.

The ''growing brain'' is a great classroom project, because kids love to keep track of its growth.

It's even great out of the classroom... Expanded brains look fantastic on the kitchen window sill, or in a mason jar on your desk. You can label the jars 'Student that got caught cheating', etc. How about this one? 'The reason why my boyfriend is an idiot!'

*For best results the brain should be "grown" in ROOM TEMPERATURE DISTILLED WATER. Novelty product, so, your results may vary.

Not for human consumption... (So sad that we must clarify this)

*Warning: Small parts - Not for children under 3 years

- Fresh From The Bloody Butcher Shop

- Realistic - Spooky - Scary - Gross - Morbid

*All Props are for Entertainment Purposes

Scream at your own RISK!

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